Our Company Mission is simple:

We want to provide Anyone the Opportunity

to SHINE like the Champions


This means for the customer we aim to offer the Highest Quality Rhinestone possible at Affordable Prices combined with Fast Delivery and Friendly yet Expert Service.

Founded by a dancer in 2015, LEOPARD STRASS has been created with fellow dancers, artists, athletes and performers in mind.

Originally born in Italy, LEOPARD STRASS distributes worldwide and has another branch in South Africa.

Why Collaborate?

Our purpose with these collaborations is naturally, we desire to make our products easily accessible but more importantly in increasing more hands of creatives who will continue to produce breathtaking creations.

In saying this, for our collaborators there is much on offer with no risk at all.

We are offering many business strategies for all different types of people and businesses to team up with LEOPARD STRASS.

Here are some examples :

The Dancer